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Talking sticky speedo

You guys are right. The speedo needle stop probably gets sticky in the warmer months like what I have been experiencing here last Summer, my first Summer with this car. The needle sticks to the pin until the car gets to about 40kph when it jumps off the pin and registers the 40kph and then it works normally until we come to a dead stop. Then the drama repeats itself again. I haven't done any cleaning yet, but feel that this is quite serious since you could be caught out "speeding" in a slow speed zone without being really guilty of doing it. Our slowest road speed is 50kph now in built-up areas unless there is a normal 60kph sign. Anything lower than this is for speed humps or speed slowing "s" bends which is 20kph. I just wonder if this oddity was ever found during the model's introduction year in 1994 or earlier and declared a "recall" item for fixing free of charge or replacement.
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