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Exclamation Jumping Aux. Fan Resistor, be careful

Hi friends. I want to share an experience that c an help others prevent an accident. Looking for improvement in the air flow at the A/C condenser, I heard some rumors of jumping the Aux. Fan resistor R-15 in order to get high speed during normal A/C operation. I did it and yes there is an improvement specially if you are using R-134a as I am. The problem was that the wiring (1.5 mm wire) of that cicuit is for a max of 16 A, and the 2 fans in a 126134 draw 23A. The 16 A fuse before burning, it burned the fuse information card and started a small fire inside the fuse box that melt part of the external light failure unit and the fuse box cover. If the car has 2 aux. fans, do not jump the resistor. I did it using the high power circuit which is designed with 2.5mm wire and a 40 amp relay. I hope this comment can prevent an accident.

Good luck to the DIY's.

350SD 1991.
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