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Anything can be done it is just a question of time and money.

CAN (Control Area Network) similar to the internet in some ways.

Information is inputted to one device (DCM-Door Control Module) Lets say you request “Move Drivers Seat Forward” this is processed by the DCM than sent to the 2 line (Hi & Low) bi-directional digital path or the (CAN) This information (data) is either processed or ignored depending on a control units programming so in this case the Drivers seat module will process the information and fulfill the request. Every control module on the network receives the info but if a request to “Move Drivers Seat Forward” is initiated than the dome lamp module should not move or operate the dome lamp assembly. If for some reason you discover the dome lamp moving after requesting “Move Drivers Seat Forward” than you must submit the problem to this forum so we can all scratch our heads and say “Haven’t seen that before!!”.

Each CAN on the vehicle has a preset operating speed. I believe MB is using 4 networks with gateways between them for inter connectivity and the highest speed is 128kps currently.

You have a challenge getting the seat to operate the way it was designed but that’s not to say it will work that way in your car. You may need to bypass some of the electronic controls to simplify your overall investment of time and money.

Good luck
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