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When washing the lower trim or "below the beltline" on most models I always use a different wash mitt than the one I use on the hood/roof/fenders/trunk/etc. I don't use the wash mitt that is used on the wheels/tires.

I've found that getting the best results on the lower sections is 3-step. Wash with the 2nd mitt, (after area is dried) what didn't come off with the carwash I go after with #7 and/or clay, then I rewax any areas that I've treated with clay or #7. This is a bit of a PITA (or knees/back) the first time you do it but once done right, it will make the next few cleanings much easier than trying to scrub at them every wash.

As for things to make it easier...I've seen specialized detailing chairs that were a typcial stool with rollers. An upside-down bucket works well. You can pad the top of the bucket in a number of ways if you so choose. Those gardening kneeling pads work well too.

Hope this helps...Lee
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