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An expert on car lighting told me:
"You have three options:

1) Install '85-down headlamp assemblies, designed to take standard-format
200mm x 142mm sealed beam headlamps, toss the sealed beams in the trash
(though carefully-picked sealed beams will be better than the 9004 garbage
you're handcuffed to at the moment!) and put in a good set of H4s in the
same 200mm x 142mm size format. The least expensive and easiest way to go;
the '85-down headlamp assemblies drop right in. Some people find the
appearance of these lamps distasteful -- they really only look different
to what you have now from less than about 6 feet away from the car

2) Install the OEM European-market headlamp assemblies. H4 with flush
glass lens. Works well, looks nice. Expensive! Some of the more expensive
MB European-market headlamp assemblies out there, up there with W126C
cars at (broadly) ~$300 to ~$400 apiece for new genuine Bosch items.

3) Install the OEM HID ("Xenon") headlamp assemblies, either
European-market or US-market. Works well, looks nice. REALLY expensive,
about $1400/ea new. There is currently an Ebay auction for a nice looking
used complete setup which as of right now you could still snag for the
"Buy It Now"price of $1200/complete setup with all supporting parts:"
I'm trying to figure out how to go. I can't really afford the HID lights the expert mentioned. The kits that Performance sells won't help with the main problem, the poor and inadequate design of the lamphousing and reflectors therein on the American headlight system.

I'm trying to have some friends on the continent look into this for me, but I've stil not gotten any satisfactory information.

Thanks for the information.
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