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Like they said Col., you just need a Mity-Vac. A couple of golf tees to use as plugs will help. Vacumm system splits off to feed several systems (brakes, transmission control, EGR, door locks, A/C). Just figure out which system you think you have a problem in and isolate it from system. Use Mity-vac to apply vacumm to that system and see if it will hold vacumm and then start narrowing down that system till you find the leak. Rubber diaphragms in actuators go bad eventually, but really they do last a long time-probably long than an electrical counterpart would. Plus they are usually cheaper to fix. Plastic lines can wear and leak. Underhood lines become brittle from the heat. If you don't want to spring for the good MB CD manual, the Haynes manual for 123 diesels is pretty good o most things. Even the diagrams in the Performance Products catalog for the 123s are pretty usefull. BTW, EGR diaphragms seem to go bad eventually so be sure to test yours. Just hook the mity vac up to the egr directly and see if it will hold vacumm. If it leaks, you can replace it or some times BBs or small ball bearing balls have been known to mysteriously fall into the rubber hose near the EGR. Just relax and take your time working on it. Vacumm systems are simple and just like water systems except you don't get wet! Good luck and let us know what you find.
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