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Well all, the only component I hadn't closey looked at was the throttle body and guess what???? The wiring harness connected to the throttle body was shot!!! The insulation just crumbled on all of the wires when I cut open the outer wiring harness casing. So my baby is dead as a stone until I find another one. By the way I did find a used one in Michigan that I bought only to find out the harness on that one was shot too. Luckily they're taking it back and giving me a full credit.

So if anyone else has any weird running complaints or mysterious codes like I described in my original post, you may want to make a 3 inch cut in the wiring harness coming out of the throttle body unit and then cross your fingers your wires are ok because more than likely they aren't.

Oh yeah, I was qouted $1,080 for a new one and this is for a Non-ASR car!!! I'm going to keep looking but I bet I end up buying a new one because all of the used ones are going to have the same problem with them.
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