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Fuel enrichment adjuster?

This was a bit od so I thought I'd share it. My 1988 300e
has been a having a bit of a starting problem. When I turn the
key, it takes about six or seven cranks to before the engine
turns over. Spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor are new and OEM.
Fuel is top grade, from new gas stations only. Fuel filter
is new also.

My tech said it may be the fuel accumulator, but before we go
that route, he adjusted the fuel enrichment because it sounded
a bit lean. First he tried doing it by inserting a long thin screw
driver down through a hole in the air filter housing. But then
he removed the housing because he could not reach it.

Now here's were it gets a bit wierd. My tech has worked on
MB for 25 years, so I assume he knows what he's doing. After
he removed the air filter housing, he took a grinder and grinded
off the top of a small pyramid like structure. He then inserted a
screw driver and ever so slightly turned (or bearly put pressure
on) the screw mechanism inside the decapitated pyramid.
The car has smoothed out. Starts are no more than three cranks
and the idle is smoother too.

Not that I'm complaining, but I just found it odd that the small
sealed pyramid structure contained the fuel enrichment
adjustment that had to be grinded off. Has anyone else had to
do this or has this guy just made my car into a FrankenBenz?

BTW - my tech also said not to fanagle (actually I think
he used another 'F' word') with the adjustment. After what I
saw him do, fanagling is not part of the equation anymore.

Any thoughs on this?


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