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stumped on 4matic problem

Dear ShopForum,

I have a challenging problem to solve. I recently purchased a 1990 300TE 4matic wagon. The yellow triangle was on all the time and it turns out that the tandem pumpe seals were gone and also the transfer case was full of Hydrolic fluids and power steering pump fluids (seals gone there also) I had the pumpe and the transfer case replaced (parts by MB rebuilds inc. Canada) and the problem is still there. The mechanic has checked and cleaned all the relevent sensors, checked the hydrolic actuator in the rear of the vehicle (all work and clean). This would not be so bad except that the front differntial remain locked so tight turns are not good. Plus I do not believe the system is designed to run in 4X4 full time. The 4matic ECU gives a code 1 so we do not suspect a bad ECU. These mechanics have a good reputation and seem to be doing the right things, but we are all stuck now at what to do next. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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