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Sorry about the delay but here's what I've got.

The MBZ procedure is 'Assembly adjustement of Power Steering'
Procedure # 46-445

As explained to me....the procedure sounds pretty bizarre. Some sort of measuring (ruler type) device is attached and then a weighted string is applied until a certain amount of weight produces some level of torque (pretty clear, eh?)

Sounds like the procedure is setting up a lever arm and measuring the torque required to turn the box. An adjustement is done until the right amount of weight is reached.

Anyway, this Indy explained that the procedure is such that he believes that MBZ didn't want people actualy adjusting it so they just came up with this 'whack' procedure to get people to rebuild them instead.

So....he says he'll gladly accept boxes and make the adjustement (his way) and send it back to you. But, he warns that a small number of boxes, after being adjusted, have their seals disturbed and begin leaking. At this point, they need to be rebuilt (which he also does).

Bottom line, he'll do the adjustement on boxes sent it in. It's fairly uncommon for them to leak after this, but he also performs rebuilds if desired.
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