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brakes not so effective (lexus)

I figured even though it's for a japanese car the techs here could still help with this situation.

my 93 lexus LS seems to be experiencing really poor brakes. I realized it because i drove my friend's 91LS today. And I realized that the difference between his brakes and mine are night and day. his are really responsive with a very firm pedal.
Mine, spongy pedal, excessive pedal travel, barking distance twice as much as his, takes twice as much force to brake as it did on my friend's 91.
In the past 6 months the following have been done on the barking system :
1. brake booster replaced
2. Master cylinder replaced
3. All rotors checked.
All the above has been done by the dealer. but the brakes still arent anything compared to the other LS's i've driven.
any thoughts / ideas would be appreciated !
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