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How sad. Anybody out there could help?

I am still having problem with my key being stuck in the tumbler. A check with the mechanic mentioned that it may be due to my steering lock that may be misaligned with the tumbler. But I don't have any problem unlocking the steering when the steering is locked. Anyway, he said it should have something to do with the alignment with the steering. And it will be a big job to troubleshoot that.

I also tried moving the steering left and right while trying to pull the key out of tumbler when the key is stuck. Unfortunately, I was never able to get he key out that way. I will only get the key out when I shake the key or tap the key that is stuck in the tumbler numerous times. I am really afraid that shaking and tapping the key too often will cause more harm to the key tumbler till one day when the key tumbler failed and jammed. I have read the threads on this and I really do not wish to be caught in that situation.

I am sure somebody can help me. Many thanks.

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