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Calling all Canadians eh !! (FastLane shoppers)

Good Day eh,

Has anyone in Canada ever ordered any parts from 'FastLane'?

With the continuing strength of the Canadian dollar and the
good prices from FastLane, it might be worth purchasing from
them. However, other than the GST and possible PST would
there be any other applicable import taxes applied to the items
purchased from FastLane?

Ontario had an import tax applied to items purchased in the US
in an attempt to curb cross boarder shopping a few years back,
so I'm curious to find out if this applies to mail order items.

It would be great if we could get FastLane set up here. I don't
know about the rest of you, but I've found parts suppliers
(jobbers) in Canada gouge just as much as the Dealers.

Thanks in advance,


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