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My 300E's missing at idle, hesitation....SOLVED please read!!

Hell Board

After battling with my 300E and its wierd idle problem for 2 years. I have finally solved the missing,poor idle and hesitation problem. After replacing and or cleaning all these parts(cositng me big $$$$):

-OVP Relay
-Voltage Regulator
-fuel filter
-New Cap
-New Rotor
-New plugs
-New wires
-new vacuum lines
-injector seals
-new radiator
-new thermostat
-new vacuum sensor on top of engine(has 2 vacuum lines coming out of it)
-New fuel sending unit
-Cleaned idle control valve
-new 02 sensor
-fuel mixture was corrected to spec
-cleaned all electrical connections
-new air filter
-replaced #5 and #6 injector
-cleaned throttle plate
-new aux fan
-spent lots of $$$ on Techron
-Spent lots of $$$ on diagnostics

The problem was my FUEL INJECTORS!!!

My car now starts up right away, idles great, and has no hesitation. It also accelerates quicker. Well after having having all the diagnostic shops telling me what my "problem" was, and costing me $$$( expensive guesses), my last resort were the injectors. It turns uut that those were my problem makers. Well If anyone is experiencing the problems I had with my car, try the injectors. It cost me $20.50 for each injector and the seals were anout $.35 a piece. Replacing the 6 injectors took me about 2 hours.

Because my car is running so well now, I decided to give here a reward, I had keyless entry installed on her.

Thanks a lot guys!!
1987 mercedes 300E
1995 e320 conversion(hated the 300e grill)
HID/Xenon (D2S)
Keyless Entry
Monochromatic Paint (Custom Blue)
Smoked Tails
Flat Badged (front)
Debadged (rear)
custom "carbon fiber" console
18 inch HP EVO rims
Sold! Now I drive a Monte Carlo SS
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