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Unhappy Turning radius after alignment

Found that my Stock Continental ContiTouring H95 tires were worn on the inside front tires, so had them replaced today along with an alignment at an independent shop.

Got the car back, and it now feels like the steering is a little loose,... not as tight as before I don't think. When turning into my driveway, the steering wheel seems to go about 2 times around in either direction before it can't turn anymore. I used to be able to turn it nearly 2.5 to 3 times!

Could an alignment affect the turn radius of my vehicle? Just feels different,... is this the way its supposed to be or did something go wrong? I think that my two front tires were pointed inwards prior, and they adjusted the cambor to set it higher.

I also read somewhere that only Hunter alignment machines customized for Mercedes vehicles could adjust our cars, since they have castor as high as 10 degrees (as opposed to alignment machines for American cars at 3-5 degrees)! But since I only had a cambor change, wouldn't that be irrelevant?

I purchased my 99 clk320 (w208) used about 6 months ago, so this is my first alignment. Never drove a Mercedes prior to this so can't compare it to what a Mercedes should really feel like.

Any advice? Thanks to all the Mercedes techs on this board! You guys are awesome!!!

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