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This part concerns me. If it used to behave properly with an 87C thermostat then the problem won't be fixed but might be masked by a 71C thermostat

Sixto -this point is well taken - So is the one about the Behr thermostat being OE (in general) but perhaps not MB specific.
I am definitely not into trying to mask a problem.I would like to solve it. I was merely wondering if the current thermostat was malfunctioing . .....
I should have mentioned that the engine(103) used to operate on the 80C mark very consistently,except when under load, or stop and go traffic. This condition is now changing as I mentioned previously. This Intermittent change is leading me to think that I am getting advanced notice on an upcoming failure...The thermostat, as we know, is the cheapest link to replace and test.Also being intermittent it does not seem like a failing radiator (?)
Duke 2.6- that is when I was told about the 71C version and began this thread.
tkamiya- You are right. I know for a fact that MB has components that are Tropic rated. Tstats, Fan Clutches,AC pressure switches etc.
I am not sure about my own car.This lovely 126 lives in Tel Aviv - Israel,as I do - and was imported new most likely as Modified European/Mid East( all are) and possibly modified agin locally over time by PO's.
Now I did not succeed in taking the cap off to determine the type of thermostat that is installed in the engine. After removing the three bolts the cover did not budge. Not even a couple whacks with a rubber Mallet do it. Did I miss something ,(is the cover flush, or is there a lip ?)or do I just need to use more force.It is the Aluminum cover.
Any Ideas ?
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