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2k Mile Oil Changes - Cheap oil??

Am considering going to oil changes every 2k miles in the 300DT using the cheapest Walmart oil and the cheapest (probably Mann) filters I can find.

Reason being, it's easy to look at the OD and say "oops, it's an even #, need to change oil". Do this on the Olds with 186k on it, seems to work fine, but it's filters are $1.99, not $7.99.

Or just change once every other month and mark on the calendar a Saturday that we're NOT running or shooting a match.

Or..., do the original plan and go with Synths every 3k and just keep a record of mileage (a novel concept, but one that goes ignored by me quite often, hence the "change on even turnovers".)???

Oil has been talked to death here I know (been lurking for a long time), but this is kind of a different slant on it.
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