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Repalce the bolts

David -

If you read my piece more carefully, specifically here and here, you will see that my parts list includes replacement bolts and that I do advocate replacement.

I got into a big discussion (argument?) with Stu Ritter on the subject of bolt replacement 10 years ago, and ended up concluding that the small cost of replacement exceeded the risk of ignorance. Stu is right. Even if you drive conservatively, you do not know the extent to which the PO subjected the bolts/calipers to thermal stresses and those bolts exist in a very hostile environment. Can you think of a more vital part on your car than the brakes? This is not an occasion for frugality especially when you crash and kill your child or mine.

The reason I say 'no Loctite, no anti-sieze, etc' is that the OEM bolts come with blue Loctite on them. The factory manual specifically states you should replace these. Want to argue with the world's best engineers?
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