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Hi Benz300,

I have a small motorhome on a Ford E350 chassis. I had the brake fluid replaced and the rear brakes adjusted (there was no need to do anything else as only 21k miles on it) last year in July.
The brakes were perfect after that. Firm, short travel etc.
A year later I had a sticking caliper on the driverside front.
Ford dealer installed new calipers, machined the rotors etc.
They test drove it and said it was fine. When I testdrove it, the first step on the brakes showed a much longer travel and mushy feel. I had to ask for a different mechanic, talk to the shop foreman (who also drove it and said it was fine) and insist that I know how good brakes feel because I had them for over a year. They finally put 2 experienced mechanics on it and bled it properly with an acceptable result. Now it helped me that I hadn't paid their bill yet.

I would probably go with your friend in his car and you in your car to the dealer/indy who worked at your brakes and ask the foreman to take a drive with you in both of them.

Good luck

Reinhard Kreutzer

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