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Well, let me explain. I recently replaced the cam shaft of the drivers side along with the rocker arms. The car ran like a top for about 300 miles then the tapping started. When you say "the rocker arms," what exactly do you mean? have I possible missed something???

I brought it to a MB shop, and they said they'd diagnose it for $100.00. When My wife went to pick up the car, they wanted an additional 2200 to pull the head off to further diagnose, and said that the it would be 187.00 for what they had done so far (nothing). No longer having faith in them, I now have a deadline guage for the cams, and the number two on the number 5 cylinder seems to be slightly out of spec. I put the largest sized thrust piece in, and it still shows a minus deviation. I believe that this is where the tapping is from. I am also wondering if the Hydraulic compensator might be bad, but inn does not 'give' at all when I press on it. I am also wondering if this, in and of itself, is a possible problem as it seems to be they should move a bit.

This problem is just driving me out of my mind, not quite "toaster-in-the-bathtub," but it is getting there.

Thanks in advance for reading.
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