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300E overheating in traffic... Help

Hello Board, after solving my 300E's missing problem, I have developed another one. When I drive in regular traffic the temp is about 90 C. When I get into stop and go traffic, that is another story. My car reached to the point of where I had to pull to the side of the road and rev it up to 2000rpm and cool the car down. The temp hit the redline!! Well I have flushed the 2 year old radiator and I have a 50/50 coolant mixture, my thermostat is new. My outer fan kicks in, but does not do much. I have read a little about the fan clutch, but I spun it as hard as I could and it only went about 1/2 turn. It feels very stiff. I do not know if that means it is good or bad. I do not want to lose another engine due to an overheating problem. There is no trapped air in my system, and my expansion tank and cap are new. Does anyone have a suggestion on what my problem could be??
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