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Exclamation found insulation material all over garage floor

I was pulling the car out of the garage this morning, and found small fine pieces of insulation material all over the garage floor below the engine area...I got out of the car and had a better inspection, then opened the hood of the car...and found that some of the insualtion material in the engine bay had either

1) fallen off by itself due to heat in the engine bay
2) got nibbled off by some animal...maybe a mouse?

I had a feel of the area with my hand, and the foam material still seems to be soft, not brittle, so I am a little suprised as to how it fell off by itself...could it be an animal? can the material be replaced? the air intake arm I know that segment can be replaced, but how about the insulation material at the back of the engine? pardon the fact the car is so dirty...we're having a water shortage here in Vancouver, washing the car is kinda frowned upon I haven't washed it in a while...

1995 black pearl/black Mercedes-Benz E420 :
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