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I don't have a link but I'll do my best to describe the process.

1. Remove the screw from the black plastic trim around the door latch. Remove trim.

2. Unscrew door lock knob. Pry out the puddle light at the bottom of the panel and unplug.

3. Remove "sail" panel at the top front of the panel. Pry gently from the top, and lift out.

4. Carefully pry off the power seat buttons.

5. Pry off the trim around the power seat controls. Remove the two screws. Unplug and remove power seat switch.

6. Use a screwdriver to pry off the linkage rod on the rear of the chrome handle

7. Pull the handle assembly forward and remove.

8. Remove 10mm nut at the top of the grab handle.

9. Lift the panel UPWARD to release it from the door. Be careful and don't use excessive force.
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