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Originally posted by mike690003
Well today I flushed the radiator, pressure washed the outside of dirt and bought the Prestone orange colored coolant. The coolant keeps the car a little cooler, but I stopped in traffic for a few minutes and the temperature started to climb. The aux fan hit full blast at about 105 C, but that did not help a lot. The temp hit 120 C and proceeded to hear redline. I pulled over and opened the hood. The engine fan was blowing, but not very powerful. The aux fan was going full force, is it time for a new fan clutch?? If so, how hard is it to replace??
Even when the thermo clutch tightens the engine driven fan doesn't flow much air at idle speed. That's why the electric fan is there. If you can hear fan roar at 2000 revs or above when the coolant temp first hits about 100C, the thermo-clutch is probably okay

Does this problem just occur at idle and low speed driving or does it also occur during high speed driving. If it occurs only at idle/low speed driving, the radiator is probably clogged and won't tranfer sufficient heat unless there is the much higher dynamic airflow from high speed driving.

The system should bleed air readily through the vent line from the thermostat cover/outlet to the supply tank, but it might take a two or three thermal cycles to purge all the air. Keep an eye on the coolant level. If it goes down with no sign of leakage, air may still be present. Top off the tank and watch for the level to stabilize with further cycles. When it does, the air should be purged.

It would also be a good idea to verify the temp gage reading by shooting the outlet with an IR gun to be sure it jibes with your temp gage.

The "orange Prestone" is Dexcool.

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