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As Gilly pointed out there is no drag link in the rear suspension. It is a front suspension item. Lets figure out what your having replaced and why its not solving your problem.

The picture below is your rear suspension. which unit are they replacing?

Items that could cause the "clunk".

Item nummber 1. Your rear shock absorber may have failed internally and is causing the noise. When was the last time they were replaced or tested? Check the mounting bolts.

Item number 18. Your rear differential mount. Its rubber and may be worn.

Item Number 2. The sway bar links do wear and break. Check these and the sway bar mounts.

Item number 17. Rear axels. they do wear and can cause noise. Usually a grinding noise. Are the rubber boots on the axels leaking or torn?

Item number 4. these are the trailing arm bushings, 4 in all. they do wear and cause the suspension to not move correctly.

Item number 9. Your subframe mounts. Do wear but not familiar with a "clunk" with the subframe bushings.

Item 12. Flex disks. Can and do wear. A very hard rubber laminate. A visual inspection will tell you if they have come apart.

Item number 14. This is your drive shaft center support. This can cause a clunk. It is a large rubber donut that holds the drive shaft in the center of the bearing assembly. It does wear and can be replaced. Usually the sound is a multiple clunking sound as the driveshaft is moving out of center as you accelerate. Again a multiple clunking sound while accelerating.

Other things that can cause the clunk would be the differential internals. This means taking the differential apart and looking for wear in the gears.

One additional item. At the tip of the coil spring is a piece of rubber hose. My 300Td had these. I'm not 100% sure about the 107. I figures they were put on the spring to prevent any noise from the spring hitting the spring perch in the trailing arm. Have your coil springs ever been removed? If so and the rubber hose not replaced it could be this. If they have never been removed then I would not worry about this.

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