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Update on code 19 issue

Since I installed the chip with DTC19 fix and a month later code 19 reappeared, I went back and re-read old posts and found out that there is a way to set the adaptation back to mean by shorting pins 1 and 4 on the 38-pin diagnostic connector (I believe JimF had that information posted). I went back and resetted my adaptation about 2-3 weeks ago after i cleared code 19 and haven't seen 19 come back again. Prior to doing so, i was getting code 19 almost every other day after driving the car. So for some reason after installing the chip you may want to consider setting adaptation to mean value... this is just my experience and it had been 2-3 weeks and will report back if 19 comes back again as this will indicate possible problems with fuel line other than those related to the ECU chip.
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