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You're lucky with that filler cap.
Tell me about it, I drove on the highway and through the city with the cap sitting on top of the crankcase. It never moved! I can't believe it didn't fall off. Good thing the same thing didn't happen as with you buddy's car.

No CE light but a lot of smoke when I first started it. Unfortunately, I only ran the car for about 5 minutes b/c I had to go to work. I will check it out more thoroughly when I get home tonight. At just over $9 per plug I hope they are not fouled out. Apparently, starting in 98 they changed the plugs for the 500. From 92-97 they were the same. I suspect they changed to 100k plugs in 98 - I do know that they are platinum. If there is some buildup on the plugs when I go home tonight, is there a way to clean off the tip of the plug? I just hate throwing money away!

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