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Well, I just came back from ICBC (BC's insurance company) and one of the adjusters had a look at the car...he said he's handled five "mice" claims before, so it wasn't that out of the ordinary...the black foam insulation pieces will be replaced under the claim, and the car's wiring will be inspected at the same time...if anything new arises, they will adjust the amount...I had a look at the wiring that were visible, and I do not see any damage...a more thorough inspection will be required though on a lift...anyhow, in the end, I will have to pay a $300CAD Mr. Mouse just cost me $300CAD and probably a few days without use of the car...

I didn't find any mice droppings, either on the garage floor, or inside the car...just a lot of insulation foam on the garage floor...I still don't understand how a mouse got in there though...I gave the garage a thorough lookover, and I don't think there are any holes of any kind...I don't have any food in there...and other than 3 cars and a broom for sweeping the garage floor, the entire garage is empty...the other cars are fine seems he only wanted a piece of the E420...I went to Canadian Tire and bought these wooden Victor mouse traps for a few cents, and set them up in the corners of the garage...I loaded them with peanut butter...
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