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Thanks Zafar, but I think the codes you supplied may be for another car...

From JimF's site I pulled the following data:

2: EA/CC/ISC Control Module
5: Stop Lamp Switch
11: Fuel Safety Shutoff to LH-SFI Control Module

I cleared the codes last night and the only one to return is code 2.

After reading more, I tested the cruise control - it is dead, not working at all.

I also checked for the date on the wiring harness tag. The only tag I could find was on an unused fuse holder mounted near all the ground connections by the battery. Is that part of the main harness or a different one? The tag said 02/94. If that is the tag for the main harness, then mine has not been replaced.

These symptoms are leading me toward replacing the harness and the throttle actuator.

I will cut the harness open near the coils tonight to check the condition of the insulation. What else can I test before beginning to acquire expensive parts?

I hope a tech will weigh in soon...

Thanks again!!

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