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Re: 321, 600 miles and counting.....

Originally posted by Plantman
Just got back form New Jersey with my "new" 300SDl.

For thise who don't know it, it belonged to Turbodiesel, another forum member.

The car ran well. Much quieter and smoother than my 300SD that I wrecked. Also had lots more power.

Tranny shifted right, although a bit firmer than I am accustomed to.

Car handled well and brakes were very good.

Temp guage was steady @ around 90 degrees. It never got to 100 degrees even in Georgia when the ambient temp was around 92 degrees.

Negatives so far:

1) Sunroof will not close unless I manually assist in closing.

2) Loud clunk in right front tire area over bumps, premature tire wear.

3) Pads were recently changed, yet rotors were showing rust?????

4) Addiitonally, could he have dislodged a vacuum line, while removing the radio, causing my problems with the ac vents(listed above)?
1) try oiling the rails, and motor drive gear and cable

2) check your shocks

3) either wasn't driven much, or got some wheel cleaner on them, or aftermarket rotors, the rust will go away after lots of braking.

4) more than likely....

84 300D Turbodiesel 190K with 4 speed manual sold in 03/2012
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