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Originally posted by turbodiesel
I won't be without a benz for long.. or some type of German steel. Thinking of a 96+ diesel or maybe a 95-99 M3.
If you were to get a '96 + diesel, be aware you can't boost it up yourself. You'd need to chip it. You'll also have various electronic air intake management with an ECU incorperated into the EGR (no disableing for off-road use).

You said you were looking into buying an E420, well, don't hesitate to buy a nice one. It may not be a diesel, but it is practically as tough as one. The fuel economy can range from 22 mpg and 27.5 mpg. Considering its a massive block 4.2 liter V8, that's incredible.

They are MUCH cheaper than the diesel, and so much more superior in hp and torque. Most have heated seats, some have ESP, and some more even have xenon headlamps. Mine has all three. You will LOVE the sound these cars make. Oh, so wonderful.

I'm telling you I would still buy an old 1982 300SD even today if I found a nice enough model. Would have to have under 200K miles, and have an impeccable service history. But I'd buy it. See, MB doesn't make cars like this anymore. Just look at vision CLS, or the new W221 S-Class due 2005.
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