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Is 0.23-amps draw too much when W124 off ?

After leaving my 1988 W124 wagon off & "armed" for 6-days, I wasn't able to start the car and had to be jumped.

I have a yellow-top OPTIMA (3-years old) and after re-charging it and letting it sit for 24 HRS, it tested EXCELEENT both on my tester and the local battery shop's tester. The alternator tested excellent as well.

Here are my current measurements with a Fluke meter:

1) Car OFF and Unarmed:
total draw w/all fuses: 0.11-0.12 amps
total draw w/fuse #9 and fuse "C" removed: 0.049 amps
draw of fuse #9 only: 0.045 amps
draw of fuse #C only: 0.018 amps

2) Car OFF and ARMED:
total draw w/all fuses: 0.23-0.25 amps
total draw w/fuse #9 and fuse "C" removed: 0.17-amps
draw of fuse #9 only: 0.045 amps
draw of fuse #C only: 0.017 amps

Fuse "C" controls: Rear roof light; trunk light; rear door locking; central locking system; door lightsl; reading lamps; antenna; seat adjustment

Fuse #9 controls: Diagnostic Term.; Hazards; Clock; Radio; Vanity mirrors; comfort relay; front roof light

The OPTIMA yellow-top rated capacity is 55 Ah and 120-mins. of reserve (25-amp discharge, 80-F, to 10.5 VDC cut-off).

Did I exceed the capacity of the OPTIMA?

Are these measurements/figures abnormal for a 1988 W124 300TE which also has clocks in radio and ham-gear ?

I noticed no lights or other relays on.


:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
1993 500E

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