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"Aggressive" transmission shifting

I have a '84 500SEL, which recently went through a "restoration" of sorts. During the process, the transmission was removed to replace a seal on the engine. I had the old transmission fluid replaced with synthetic fluid, and everything was put back together.
Now when I drive the car (around town, for example) the transmission keeps it in second after I'm done accelerating instead of upshifting like it used to. Only after I remove my foot completely from the accelerator will it even think of upshifting to third. If I'm really accelerating (on the freeway), everything works normal.
I'm sure the mechanic will take a look at it for me, but this is an inconvience.
My question is: could there be any "rigging" or adjustment that I could perform to remedy this problem -- or is the problem most likely inside the transmission itself?
Seems to me that the transmission is acting like I'm trying to go fast, even when I'm not.
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