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installing kompressor on 1.8 M111

I am thinking of converting my 1996 C180 to supercharged + IC using a overhauled eaton M45 supercharger from a 230k. Can someone with a M111 kompressor engine please describe where the SC is mounted on the engine, is there a bracket..? Any pics? Does the SC got its own blet and crankpulley? What is the pulleyratio between SC and crank on a 230k?

The SC has a electric clutch locker pulley assembly, what is the original purpose for this?

I am trying to do some computersimulations on airflow based on the datasheet for the Eaton M45. What i have come up with so far is a pulley-ratio about 1:1.7 for the 1.8l engine, does this sound reasonable?

Any ideas what other things i should look into? Can the stock ECU and its software handle the SC (if charging with about 0.45 bar)?

Any help appriciated, i don't have a clue where to begin.
1996 W202 C18 60k km
-7.5 x 17" Alutec DTM
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