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whirring sound

Hello everyone, what a great sight! I am the proud owner of my first MB, a 1997 C280. (one of hopefully many) I am encountering my first problem since purchasing the car a year and a half ago. It is making a strange whirring noise. The noise sounds like it is coming from the right front corner of the car sometimes, and sometimes it sounds like it is behind the dash/cassette tape holder slide outs. The sound does not actually change location, but is hard to locate from within the car. The sound changes pitch with undulations in the road. When you turn right the sound stops. When you turn left the sound gets worse. I do not notice any vibrations with the steering or anywhere else.

The sound is related to the speed of the car, and not the engine. I have replaced the front right wheel bearings and have noticed no change in the noise. Also, the front right tire is starting to prematurely wear on the outside edge. Does anyone have a clue as to what this whirring noise might be? Over the last two weeks it is getting worse. Thanks!
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