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Lightbulb anyhow, I went to ICBC, the insurance company, around 10AM yesterday morning for them to inspect the car to do an initial estimate on the damage, and the M-B dealership will revise it as they find more...but from what I can see, all it did was nibble on my passenger side air intake arm, and the fire wall section directly behind the engine...the ICBC guy had trouble finding the section behind the engine, so he could not put down a definite price for labour and parts...but he said the dealership would definitely know what to do... around noon...I drove the E420 down to W. Broadway to have the dealership look at the car...the service advisor looks at the car, and tells me he has never replaced that piece behind the engine, and doesn't even know if the part exists...he says it looks like a lot of work...and a lot of stuff needs to come out to do it...he tells me to pull the car around to the back of the dealership and ask the parts department if the part exists, and then come back up to them afterwards...I was sorta like, "why don't u call the parts guy UP instead of making me run around"...but I head down...and the parts guy has trouble finding the part...but finally says that the part exists, but it would have to be ordered from Germany...the big problem was that there was no active part # for a new part # would have to be created in order for them to order it...he says in order to do that, I would have to head up to service again to start a work order... back up to service, and the service advisor makes some calls to the parts department...blah blah blah...then after like 20 minutes of calling, he suddenly puts the phone down and looks me in the eye and says, "Sir, I don't think we are capable of replacing this part...I have no idea what to do...I think you would have better luck taking the car to Burrard Autostrauss, M-B's certified bodyshop to see if they can replace it...I mean...they must replace this sorta stuff for cars in accidents"...I thought to myself, "hmmm...okay"...and thanked the advisor for his help, and then I left the dealership..and headed to Autostrauss...

...So I'm at Burrard Autostrauss...and show them the car...he says the bodyshop only does painting, and that for stuff like this, they send to an ouside mechanic to this is the weird part...I woulda thought that Autostrauss would have sent the mechanical stuff back to the M-B dealership to take care of...but he says no...they send it to an independent...and if anybody in Vancouver would know how to fix that, it would be him...he had a look at it though and says it may require a lot of work...but he really has no he gives me the address to MB Euromotors, and I head over there... I arrive at MB Euromotors, and ask for the guy they recommend...nice clean shop I must say...he comes out, has a look, and says to me, "this is easy to replace...the part is hard to find, I admit...but it is around $50...and will take around 20 minutes to replace it...I don't understand why Mercedes-Benz would not know how to replace this"...he shows me kinda how to disassemble it...and seems to know his front brakes and rotors were gone and I also neede an oil change...he said sure...I had a chat with him...and he said they use OE Mercedes rotors with Mintex or Ferodo pads...motor oil he recommends Halvoline 20W50...the dealership has been giving me Quakerstate 15W40 lately...he says part will probably take 10 days or so to come in since it is coming from I plan to get the mouse damage, brake job, and oil change done by him at the same time...

...anyhow, from what he was saying, provided there are no additional electrical damage, the damage by the mouse is around $150CAD, so I don't think I will use the insurance claim, since the deductible itself is already $300CAD...
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