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I was defeated. I started bright and early but by mid-day I was getting discouraged. I got all the electrical connections off. A small pen knife and patience is the key here. These plastic connections are all very brittle. Cracked a part of one connection but it still holds. Removed throttle linkage, disconnected fuel lines, brackets and EGV line underneath. The two manifold bolts at either end are a real pain. I got stuck with the last manifold bolt in the center under an air line. Thinking that this black air hose was rubber, I broke part of it trying to ease it out of the way. It is actually hard plastic and very brittle. At this point I realized Iíd better stop before really breaking something. I was by myself and I didnít think I could actually lift it all out anyways. So I put it all back together. Broke another clip just pushing it on and was relieved the car started OK.

The story doesnít end too badly. Yesterday I drove out to Mr.MB, Tarzana, CA and Enrique was able to help me. He said that hose is a real PITA but can be done without pulling the intake manifold. His tech worked on it from above with small tools and a mirror and was done in about an hour and a half. $195. No parts other than the hose and clamps that I already had.

After the disappointing weekend, first thing Monday morning I started looking for some more tools that would make my life much easier. I came across some Stahlwille flexible hose clamp drivers which would make this repair much easier.

So if you ever have this problem, it can be done for about $10 in parts, without removing the manifold.

1991 300CE
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