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My experiences are few. The cars with horrible feathering were a 90 LeBaron 3.0L V6 and a 98 Escort ZX2 Zetec. Both were 'jumpy' when you touch the gas pedal. They were so bad that I was tempted to redesign and machine a cam-shaped piece in place of the round one for the throttle linkage at the throttle body to give a non-linear response. This would've resulted in more gas pedal travel to open the throttle and less at the end of the throttle travel, to match the throttle requirements and give a better throttle feel. The first bit of throttle actuation gives the most engine response. The last fraction of throttle opening doesn't do so much.

It's just so obvious that this would be the fix for poor throttle control. I wonder if the manufacturers didn't keep their original design for marketing purposes, so people would get the impression that they're driving a powerful engine that needs little throttle for a lot of power.

I have yet to study and understand the MB throttle cable design. It's pretty complicated and hard to get at for study. But I do like the throttle feel in my 320.
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