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300 TD Turbo - Guidelines for Mtc?

Hello. I am not a mechanic, but I like to do all I can between services to keep my cars running well, and keep an eye on things. I am trying to find official MB recommendations for products (engine oil, hydraulic oil, anything else) for my 300 TD Turbodiesel. Is there anything that lists specific recommendations on maintaining this model?

For example, the Hydraulic Oil for the self-leveling rear suspension is low, but I don't know what to use to top it up, or where to get it. With no load on the rear, the hydraulic oil is at the "min" level.

Can you direct me to some technical info for maintaining this car?

I do have the Haynes Manual, which is excellent, but it doesn't seem to have this kind of information in it.
. 300 TD Turbodiesel 1985-W123
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