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early death of 190E trans at 95k miles

I have a 92 190E 2.3 auto trans... 95k miles

and after attending a so cali get 2 gether..and racing 2 times.. my transmition started to not want to go.... previously it worked fine.. and just changed the filter and trans fluid.. but I did not drain the converter fluid...

anyways.. I was power breaking the car.. NOT spinning the tires.. but just to get a better launch.. and I have done this MANY times in previosuly owned cars w\o a problem..

now as I put the car in any foward gear like Drive or 2, 3.. the trans does not want to catch on first gear.. sometimes it will catch if I rev to a high RPM and it will barly go... I highly doubt I fried the trans..

I think my motor fan has also failed.. and maybe the trans fluid had over heated and caused this?

what can be some symptoms for not wanting to engauge into any of the farward gears? btw.. reverse works fine

any info would be very helpfull.. as I dont want to spend 1500bux on a rebuilt trans
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