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Mybe this articel can help you to identyfi you parts :


>I have a problem with the steering wheel on my MB fin tail -66 230.
>The steering wheel don't respond immediately, it give me a lack of
>approximately 90 degree.

Hard to say for sure but this sounds like the bushings in the steering
coupling has disintegrated. Assuming your car still has the original
coupling, it can be rebuilt. You will need two 111 462 01 65 bushings and
probably two 111 990 30 40 washers and two 136 990 95 40 washers. The
coupling is located between the steering column and steering box. Look
carefully near the firewall, behind the steering box, while an assistant
moves the steering wheel; you will probably see the steering column move
but the input shaft on the steering box does not - until the slack
introduced by the steering coupling is overcome. Unfortunately, rebuilding
the coupling does require removal of the steering box.

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