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Re: Yes, it's tight.

Originally posted by wagonpilot
I just finished fixing the hole in the hinge area on my wagon.

Yes, that area is tight BUT you can very easily make it way more accessable. That is by first removing the hood spring. Our Mercs are way easy because you can open the hood ALLL the way by using those little release tabs on the hinges. Once the hood is straight up the springs are completely unloaded and can be removed from the car.

If you still want more room, the hinge arm itself can be easily moved out of the way. Simply remove the little locking tab holding the arm in the fender, then work out the arm pin. Make sure you put some sort of safety strap on the hood up to the ceiling (to keep from getting bonked on the head!).

Once the spring and hinge are out of there, you can get in there to do any repair!

Happy Fixing,

I kind of thought about pulling the springs to get it there better but I hadn't figured out how to do it that easily. About getting bonked in the head, I usually pull the grill off any time I need to spend a long time under the hood. I still bonk my head even changing the oil! Damn that grille!

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