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Here is an update of this project.

I finally got the carb (boy, is UPS ground shipping ever INEFFICIENT!). I ordered a rebuild kit from Allstate Carb in Long Island, NY. It cost $20.00 and came with the needle valve, various washers, the power valve and the accelerator pump diaphragm. Really the only additional part I need (ordered it today) is a new float (just in case). I can figure out where most of the parts go, and I found a very good, clear exploded-view diagram of the carb on the web. So that makes it a lot easier to figure out what goes where. The little bitty washers, though, are going to be a challenge because they could go ANYWHERE and every one of them seems to be a unique size!

I've got the carb top off and it was a little dirty in the float bowl. So I've got carb cleaner soaking the bowl overnight. Hopefully this should remove most of the crap. Any suggestions for more strenuous clearning? I don't want to break anything... The rest of the carb interior looks OK, really. I'll replace the accelerator pump diaphragm and the power valve tomorrow.

Anyway, I'll post another follow up when I get it all back together and then another one when it's on the car (that won't be for about a month, probably). If anyone has any more suggestions of what to clean, I'm all ears!

73 280C
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