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Well guys, after installing a new throttle actuator all mysterious codes went away. It did not get rid of the original missing that I had been experiencing all summer though so I was initially bummed because I was hoping it was due to a bad throttle actuator.

So in a last ditch effort I replaced the spark plugs, of which were Bosch Supers with 21k miles on them, and everything smoothed right out. THANK GOD!!!!!

So looking back I did need a new throttle actuator because the wiring harness was shot (the foot long section of cable attached to the actuator) and apparently the mid range stumbling and missing that I was experiencing was caused by bad plugs. They looked fine last night when I removed them but as soon as I pulled onto the main road and everything was as smooth as ever I knew they must of been bad.

So the moral of the story is if you own a late 124, check your wiring harness going into the throttle actuator, and don't trust the Bosch Supers to last 30k miles like I was expecting.
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