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92 400E suspension questions

Car: 92 400E - 155,000 miles

My local alignment shop informed me that they would be unable to properly align my car unless the idler arm and the RF inner tie rod were both replaced. I declined to have the shop do the repair, hoping that I may be able to replace these parts myself. I jacked up the car and checked the right front for excessive play and there does indeed appear to be some looseness.


1. Has anyone out there replaced the idler arm on a 92 400E ? If so, how difficult was the procedure ? Did you have to raise the engine or remove any exhaust components or were you able to remove the heat shield and then remove the nut and bushings per the Arthur Dalton method descibed here in this forum and angle the idler arm to remove ?

2. How difficult is the replacement procedure for the tie rod(s). I was contemplating replacing both tie rod assemblies (left and right ?). What tie rod parts would I need to order from Fastlane ?

Thanks in advance for all responses,

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