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Question Locks, glove box - new questions

Hi guys -

Long time no post and after searching I can't *believe* no one has brought up these two topics, but I need your advice:

1) glove box door is not only mis-aligned, but getting so bad that the contact pin for the light isn't even being depressed enough to shut off the light.

I have a temporary fix installed (a 3M-adhesive-backed piece of padding that's supposed to go on the bottom of furniture as hardwood-floor scratch-prevention), but I'm wondering if there is a way to readjust the hinges and tighten the whole thing up or re-align it.

I can't tell if the door is warping, or if the dash is warping, or if a lot of use is simply making it loose and it's not a warp factor. If loose is the case, maybe it can be tighened up?

I ask for your advice because in looking at it, it doesn't readily appear to be possible (it looks like one fixed hinge along the lower part of the door), but I haven't dissected the dash/box nor do I know how.


2) Trunk lock is sticking. Let me explain though as it's not as obvious as it sounds.

The trunk works fine 90% of the time, and the cylinder turns smoothly, pushes in and out smoothly and activates all the central locking mechanisms as well as locking perfectly fine itself.

HOWEVER, when unlocked, I'll occasionally push in the cylinder and get nada - no open. And no amount of leaving the key in or taking it out, nor pushing it in with the lock expressed to the right or left or infinite points in-between will open the trunk. It's as if something between the tumblers and the latch is not working.

Pulling up a little on the lid doesn't help. Pushing down a little on the lid doesn't help. Pulling out a little on the lid (or pushing in a little on the lid - doesn't help. Pounding on it three or four times with my fist, right above the lock mechanism, has worked! But not always.

And here's the kicker: it happens more frequently when we've been traveling fairly long distances (over 100mi). And when it happens I might come back out to the car two or three hours later (or the next morning when I've calmed down) and VIOLA! it works fine.

But again, there's no real pattern here and when I look at the mechanism it's well-lubed with clear grease and all appears to be in order, The lock hasp ont he body looks to be in alignment and there isn't any tooling scars on it like it got accidentally bent or the lock pin is not fitting properly...

And of course there are no issues with operation other than that. But it happened with groceries in the trunk once and I was ready to pull the back seats out.

Appreciate your ideas, guys - this feels like one of those things that my tech would chase around for three hours before fudging with it and finding a solution. I'd rather do the fudging on MY dime first and would appreciate feedback and ideas!

1992 190 2.6
lotsa miles
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