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Talking rear foglights

Andy, the reason why they have them on is either they don't know the basics of the switches in their new cars OR their intenton is to announce to other road users that they have this new car! Typical of some people there. Its so bright over there unlike other countries where there are no street lamps outside the main city areas or lower output street lamps are used to conserve electricity. The reason for the extra bright lights in the new luxury European cars is that they are now using the LEDs for the tail lights and head-on they are very bright and glaring red. They have also followed the latest trend of putting those projector lenses on the headlamps which also make the headlamps very glaring together with those whitish(some look bluish) Zenon bulbs. Some of our new traffic lights and road speed indicators have gone LED also and can be seen from a long distance and the speed indicated can also be changed from the control centre electronically .
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