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Don't Use Teflon Windshield Washerfluid

Hi Guys

Just a few minutes ago I learned something very interesting and am now considering filing complaint to Canadian Tire.

Fortunately, this does not affecy my benz or I would be very upset, but this is what happened.

A friend of ours some time ago recommnded the New Teflon windshield washer fulid, he said it was great, so my parents bought a case of this stuff and were using it in our Acclaim throughout the summer.

Now that I know about this, at the same time, the paint started peeling off of the car, right now, the hood is only 60% painted, might be an exaduration, but sooner or later all the paint will be gone.

My dad just called, and said that his friend has the same problem and was informed by the dealer that this windshield washer fluid will do that to your car, especially when it's cheap paint, like on the acclaim, but none the less, this should not have happened.

Looking at the car now, most of the paint from the hood is on the driveway in big chunks, the roof is starting to peel as well. I am thinking about going down to Canadian tire to complain about this and demand that they repaint the car.

I would like some feedback on this if anyone knows anything about this.


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