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Question 1999 C280 Sport Power Steering Groooaan!

My car was returned to me after the failed Harmonic Balancer was replaced under a "Starmark" warranty about 10 days ago. The car drives OK; I am afraid to push it hard. We took the car on aroad trip (approx 300 miles round trip) without incident.
The last few Chicago mornings have been down right...what's the word...COLD? When I take the car out of the garage in the morning to go to work, I hear a sound that sounds like a very painful groan and feel the same in the steering wheel.
I opened the hood to look for a Power Steering fluid reservoir - did not see one marked as such. No information in the owners manual either.
Any ideas? I have a service appt at the dealer on Monday to check it out.
Hopefully, if there is a problem, it is also covered under "Starmark".

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