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Yes! I have been trying with the auto gear whenever I have the problem of stuck key. It works all the time. Thanks MrCjames and Uncle Acky. Whenever the key is stuck, I will give a slight push on the auto gear lever towards Park and I will be able to turn the key just the little bit more to '0' and the key will come out. So the key now is control with the feature of 'Park Recognition'.

I guess I will have to the get the connection between the gear selector and the tumbler checked just as mentioned by MrCJames. and Y2Kimmel.

Thanks to all of you guys. I am glad that I did not believe the service consultant who service me. Like I said, I trust you guys in the forum anytime! You are the best!

So now. How can I proceed to rectify the problem? How do I start? Do I start with the gear selector or under the dash? Any cable to tightened or contacts to clean?

Robin Teo
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